Become a creative ideas machine

Here is a simple exercise that, if repeated frequently, will turn you into a creative ideas machine. We believe in simple things you can do right here right now that, over time, can turn into amazing habits.

Capturing 10 ideas a day is a great way to strengthen those creative muscles. It’s a fun activity you can do anytime, anywhere. Maybe first thing in the morning, maybe on the bus, maybe while you are waiting on the plane, maybe on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the park. Find a relaxing place with minimal distractions and capture 10 ideas per day.

There is a tendency to judge the ideas as you capture them, but the trick is to not overthink them. You are, after all, in ideas generation mode – in creative mode – not in judging more – or, in analytical mode. Once you have written them down, you can do with them what you want. Some people keep them, whereas others just throw them away; it is up to you. The goal of the activity is practice.

Then when it is time for you to come up with creative ideas, you will have worked the creativity muscle and it will pump them out faster than you can say ‘fahrvergnügen’.

Here is a nice bit of reading on the benefits of capturing 10 ideas a day.

And finally, here is James, who gave me the idea:

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