Before you jump to ideas, understand the problem

Very often we are quick to jump to solutions and ideas without really understanding what is going on. This video talks about four simple ways to dig deep into the problem so that your ideas are targeted at solving the problem. We use cupcakes as an analogy, but these can be applied anywhere.

Ask: Ask a ton of questions to get to the bottom of things. Cover all the W and H questions; why? what? who? where? when? and how?

Observe: Take a step back and look from afar. No need for judgment here, but simply keep your eyes and ears open and take some notes.

Picture: Take pictures to bring to life what is going on. Take shots of the environment, the interactions, the people involved, etc.

Read: Read up on available documentation connected to the problem. Feedback forms, sales data, competitor info, reports, etc.

Just use these as a guideline to get more context on the brief, challenge or problem. Remember, if you don’t know what the problem is, either solution is in.

Now go forth and solve problems!

Download this simple reminder template here for next time you are asked to come up with ideas.

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