Capability Building

We know that building long-term and accessible capability in your organisation is achievable for sure. But it has to be done in a way that links to reality.


As with all our projects, we know that the best way to build capability is to make things tangible, practical and relevant as soon as possible. After all, pretend problems lead to pretend learning.


For our capability programs, we deliver two parallel tracks that complement each other – learning whilst doing. We go through real projects laced with learning to make it visceral and embed the learning. We offer a range of learn-do solutions geared towards building your capability in all things to do with designing, leading and facilitating creative projects. From vision and strategy, to scoping briefs, to storytelling, to building and testing ideas.


At the same time, we work with you to make sure the structures are in place to embed these capabilities within your organisation.

Where we have done it

We designed and facilitated a global consumer closeness and innovation journey for Mondelez. This was a customised program that involved a range of learning initiatives after which we applied this immediately to insight challenges in Asia and Europe. This journey spread over more than 20 countries.