Innovation training in a day? Part One

The other day, we got a request for proposal from a company that wanted to skill up a team of innovators and entrepreneurs within their business.

They wanted their people to learn how to unpack challenges, reframe them, deliver research, uncover insights, generate ideas, build solutions, select and prototype these solutions, build a business plan around the solution, get funding, roll out solutions, measure progress, etc.

“Great!” I thought; that is exactly what we can do for them. We love capability and learning briefs. I was envisioning a series of projects around which we could wrap the learning, so lots of learn-whilst-doing. We’d start with a conversation around deliverables and expectations. We’d then hand-pick a team of people – a nice mix. Pick a challenge and get stuck in. ‘This sounds good!’ I thought.

Then I saw a line underneath: ‘…we are looking for a one-day training…’ So they wanted to teach their people all of this in one day. Riiiiiiiight. Really, can you learn something complex like innovation in a one-day training? Sure, there are a few things you could learn, I suppose, but innovation is way more than brainstorming some crazy ideas.

Besides, what usually happens after a training?

That’s right; nothing.

Learning dissipates incredibly fast, so it is crucial to put structures in place to make sure the learning sustains. I believe learning is the result of doing, so you’ll have to spend a lot more time before and after the inception to make sure you actually see results. The video has some tips on how to get the best out of all your trainings so that you grow as a business.

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