Innovation training in a day? Part Two

This is a follow-up to a video we did the other day that challenged whether you can deliver innovation capability through a one-day training.

If innovation to you is the same as merely coming up with creative ideas, then yes, you could probably do a bit of damage in a training. But we know innovation is far more complex than that. It requires skill, effort and energy at multiple levels to have half a shot of getting it right.

Sure, you could pack a lot in a day, but unless people start applying their learning to something tangible, learning will dissipate fast. Have a look at the forgetting curve here. Case studies alone don’t cut it; after all, pretend challenges = pretend learning. The real learning will come after the inception.

Here are a few fundamental things to consider to take your organisational capability to the next level:

Spot opportunities early on
Before you even start designing the training, get crystal clear on what needs to be delivered. Ask yourself ‘what do we want people to do as a results of this?’ And ‘how will we know they are doing it?’ Once these are clear, you can find opportunities within the business that will help deliver that. Think tangible projects they can apply their learning to. These do not have to be your biggest, hairiest challenges, but interesting enough so the team can really sink their teeth in something that matters.

Set support structures
Put support structures in place to make sure you maintain momentum. Make sure the team has some time, or budget, or space to apply their learning on something tangible. This will not only make sure things will get done, but it also shows that you are serious about capability building. Check in with the team regularly and ask them where they need help. Push and prod where necessary and maybe even set deadlines for things like solutions pitching and testing.

Pass on the torch
Once people have been through a journey like this, their learning is real and they will most likely have some battle scars and stories which they will be eager to share. Use this as an opportunity to pass on this learning to the wider organisation. Get the team to share their learning with others over pizza and beers, select more projects for them to work on, and even set up a buddy coaching system where they can bring “newbies” along. All this is to embed the learning and pass it on within your business.

Are these a guarantee for successful innovation? No, they are not. Will these massively up your chances on getting it right? Absolutely.

Learning is the result of doing.

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