Insight Projects

We know that insights drive better solutions and better communication of those solutions.


Data is the fuel to these insights. The problem is many businesses drown in a pool of data, but it’s often the same pool as their competitors. That is why traditional research tend to yield the same old stuff: recycled insights that feel like they could be applicable to any organisation, rather than specifically yours.


We use a proven approach to get spicy insight and we do this in a way that is human, fluid and visceral. We believe your customers are too important to leave in the hands of others.


So we partner with you and take you to places others won’t go to and ask the questions others are afraid to ask. With a creative push, we pull together these fresh perspectives into starting points and rich context.

Where we have done it

We partnered with Propellerfish and Cisco to help a traditional German metal manufacturer find opportunities for digitisation. Over several weeks, we walked through their entire process, talked to engineers, customers, partners, etc and distilled a range of insight platforms, which in return lead to smart data solutions and a completely new customer engagement platform.