Vision & Strategy

Everybody is a poor predictor of the future. Everybody. From the weatherman to the stock picker. But we can all get better at preparation for possibility. And that is exactly what our Vision & Strategy projects are about: to get you a clearer picture of possible futures and then help you plan for them.


To do this, we tap into our network and find stimulus to map out past and present trends (not just in your industry by the way). Then we facilitate interactive interventions and conversations with you to map out what the future could hold and how you could prepare for that.


We usually start with a small group of people leading the organisation and then work out creative ways to involve the wider population.

Where we have done it

We partnered with top leadership of Castrol to get them thinking out of the current and look into what could be. We looked at trends in technology, energy, mobility, society, et cetera and used those to paint an exciting vision. On the back of that, we designed a range of creative projects that engaged their customers shaping that vision.