We went to Spikes Asia 2017 - part 1

We had the pleasure of attending Spikes Asia in Singapore this year. Spikes is a conference for creatives – particularly in the advertising, media and marketing fields – to get together and share their latest work and thinking.

It was three days of seminars, talks, workshops, networking and interactive exhibitions from all over the region focusing on creativity, tech and learning. In addition, there were a range of awards handed out that celebrate and reward creative achievements.

It was our first Spikes, so we have no comparison to previous ones, but a big part of creative projects is finding ways to bring ideas and solutions to life. Spikes was a great example of that. Even though we are not an advertising or media agency, it was super interesting to see concepts and ideas communicated in a creative way that gets people excited.

There has been a lot of criticism of the advertising world not really producing much newness and excitement, but we believe it’s easy to shoot holes in things and find the flaws. Rather, here are some things that pleasantly surprised us:


One of the things we noticed was the amount of campaigns geared towards making the world a better place. Whether that was getting people to adopt pets, reducing waste, creating possibilities for people with disabilities, or safer road use. Hope for the future.


We have all attended conferences where the only thing to do was sit down and watch presentations. Zzzzzz. Throughout the Spikes conference, our senses were stimulated in a variety of ways. It was a nice mix of talks and workshops, interactive booths and stations, and print and poster displays.


It was interesting to see how tech has everyone talking. A couple of years ago everyone talked about big data; now it’s Artificial Intelligence and it’s on everyone’s radar. Besides the obvious benefits, no one really knows what to expect. It will be interesting to see its impact on creativity.


We went in thinking it would be purely Mad Men (and Women) from the advertising industry, but to our surprise there were quite a few speakers from other worlds too, such the arts, tech and even sports. We even got to meet one of our idols: Angela Lee, the world’s youngest MMA champion.


We were asked to run a session at the Spikes Young Academy and were amazed to see so many people from all over the region who had taken the time to fly in and attend. They spent more than half their time working in groups on creative challenges throughout the conference. Now that’s commitment.

“I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and…”

Anyway, that’s our 5 cents on the conference. Check out Day 2 and Day 3 too.

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