We are a small, focused agency in the most dynamic region in the world: Asia-Pacific.

We thrive on cooperation and are embedded in a larger network of creatives, researchers, designers, illustrators and project managers from all walks of life. We don’t work for each other; we work with each other

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After having lived in the US, UK and China for almost half his life, Joeri set up The Magic Sauce in Singapore in 2013. Over the past decade and a bit, he has worked on numerous challenges spanning from new product development across Asian emerging markets, digitising traditional manufacturing in Europe, to building systemic innovation cultures around the globe.
LANGUAGES: English, Mandarin, Dutch, German

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Amena is an innovation strategist, wellness coach, and facilitator of ideas that create change. She is passionate about how people thrive and where health and creativity come into play in that process. Over the past ten years, Amena has served multinational companies and savvy entrepreneurs alike on over 100 creative challenges, working with teams to solve problems with solutions for strategic renewal.
LANGUAGES: English, Mandarin

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Payman comes with 15 years of global product & marketing innovation for more than 50 clients including 18 Fortune 500 companies. Payman founded three companies and ran two divisions within Omnicom, the largest advertising group worldwide. He is creative, strategic and entrepreneurial, best fit to drive game-changing innovation.
LANGUAGES: English, French, Farsi

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Gabriel is a comprehensively experienced business builder across Asia-Pacific with a record of success delivering demanding, complex projects and commercial initiatives, including greenfield and turn-around projects. His experience includes strategy consulting, organisational transformation, as well as business and product development.
LANGUAGES: English, Sinhalese

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Roshni has spent 18 years delivering branded solutions, both as a consultant and as the head of various functions at global MNCs, such as Reckitt Benckiser, Milward Brown and IHG. Leveraging insights and innovation, she has created new products, brands and programs, defined new customer experiences, and lead brand strategy and planning for global brands. In other words, she knows her stuff.
LANGUAGES: English, Hindi

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Andy was a design teacher for many years and holds a degree in Educational Psychology. Andy then left teaching and joined a few major innovation agencies where he transferred the creative process to 60+ clients in over 30 countries. In 2010, he set up theGeniusBox in Europe and has since facilitated strategic planning sessions, projects and learning boot camps for clients all over the world.
LANGUAGES: English, just English